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Need to step up your drawing or improve your portfolio to get into that dream shop? Learn how the Fireside Method can help you identify and improve your drawing weaknesses. Check out our tattoo focused drawing courses

Are you a seasoned artist who is stuck in a rut or just plain burned out? Fireside Simplify was designed to help advanced artists find new solutions to old problems.
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Start your journey with our beginning course, Foundations and learn the idea behind the Fireside Method and how to apply it in your drawings.

Methods are any individual artist’s way of making marks – the things they do that make their drawings unique to them. And there are as many methods as there are artists, probably more. It’s very difficult to try to learn based only on applying other people’s methods. It’s much more efficient and much more effective to focus on principles.

These principles are all covered in much greater detail in Module 1 of our Foundations course.

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