If your tattoo shop doesn’t function as well when you aren't there as it does when you are, I have bad news. You don’t own a business. You own a JOB!

The good news is you have already done the hard work of sacrificing your time, family, reputation, money and sanity to build your shop. Now you probably just need to learn how to get out of your own way and grow your tattoo shop into a self managing company.

Some of the characteristics of a self managing tattoo shop are

The business thrives whether you are there or not.

The business provides a wonderful, creative and challenging environment for your artists and employees to grow.

The business generates consistent passive income that is always growing (You can’t trade hours for dollars forever)


Unfortunately many of these goals are never reached by most shop owners. If you think you might be running a job instead of a business, check out our business mastermind group. It might just be exactly what you didn’t know you needed.



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4 Hours dedicated to helping you identify your biggest issues and take advantage of your greatest opoortunities.



Learn with Online Courses

Start your journey with our beginning course, Foundations and learn the idea behind the Fireside Method and how to apply it in your drawings.

Methods are any individual artist’s way of making marks – the things they do that make their drawings unique to them. And there are as many methods as there are artists, probably more. It’s very difficult to try to learn based only on applying other people’s methods. It’s much more efficient and much more effective to focus on principles.

These principles are all covered in much greater detail in Module 1 of our Foundations course.

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